Waterproof & Breathable

With a Hydrostatic Head Rating of over 1800, the E-Cover keeps your car dry while letting any moisture escape when the rain stops.

Snow & Frost Protection

The E-Cover protects your car from snow and frost, keeping it in top condition whatever the harsh winter weather will throw at it.

Keeps Your Car Clean

Keep your car clean from air pollution, smog, dust, leaves, tree sap and bird droppings. Less cleaning = more time and money for you!

Scratch Protection

Grit and dirt can scratch your car, causing damage and reducing its value. The AirShroud E-Cover keeps your car in top condition.

Prevents Colour Fade

The heat-resistant aluminium coating reflects UV rays before they hit the paintwork and leather/plastic components inside your car.

Semi-Tailored Fit

With elasticated hems and tailored for saloon and coupé, the E-Cover fits snuggly. The semi-tailored fit will show off your vehicle’s curves!


People like to be seen using the latest and coolest gadgets. We have one that not only do you look cool using it but pays itself in the long run by reducing car maintenance costs and help retain your car’s value when you resell it in the future. If you were the buyer, you would rather pay a higher price for a well-looked after second-hand car than one that looks neglected right?

It is completely effortless when you use our gadget and your car will stay safe and protected from elemental abuse. Introducing the new Electronic Car Cover. Electronic Car cover? You heard correctly. Our latest invention isn’t meant for everyone. It’s designed for people who really love their car and don’t just treat it like a tool to get from A to B.

If you’re one of these people, then read on. You might just love this.

Hydrostatic Head Rating


Yep…an electronic car cover. AirShroud uses a small electric motor to retract the car cover and also to keep the car cover compact as a roll, which is triggered using a remote control and powered by a rechargeable battery. Here are some simplified step by step illustrative diagrams so you have a good idea on what’s different about using AirShroud’s electronic car cover compared to a traditional car cover and other alternative car protection solutions:


  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5
  • STEP 6
  • STEP 7
  • STEP 8
  • STEP 9
  • DONE!


  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5
  • STEP 6
  • STEP 7
  • STEP 8
  • STEP 9
  • DONE!


Designed for car users who are short on time & want to protect their car hassle-free

Waterproof Car Cover


The latest Digital Hydrostatic pressure tester at our in-house testing facility has shown that our car cover fabric has an average hydrostatic pressure resistance of just over 18 kPa. This converts to a Hydrostatic Head rating of around 1835, which we lowered to 1800 to be on the conservative side. This is more than enough to keep your car dry in most British weather. Not to mention, the cover is still completely usable when wet, or not wet, since it doesn’t soak in water and all the water droplets just slide off it.

Breathable Car Cover


Trapped moisture can escape, so your car will begin to dry once the rain stops. The micro-pores in our fabric are small enough to stop rain water/ liquid water molecules from passing but big enough to allow vapour/ gaseous water molecules to pass through.

UV & Heat Protection


Stops interior and exterior photo-degradation and colour fade by reflecting UV rays off the cover using our special silver coating. An added benefit is that the interior stays cool during hot days. So you won’t need to wait for your car to cool down before getting into it in the summer. Just hop in!

Anti-Theft & Anti-Wind


Since the AirShroud device sits inside the boot, once you lock the trunk lid, mischievous hands won’t be able to take way your investment. Investment in the sense that by protecting your car from the elements, you are keeping it in tip top condition. So it would last longer and would be in a better sellable state when you do decide to sell it in the future.

The car cover is also fitted with integrated wheel frame straps with side-release buckles. So if you anticipate strong winds, strap them on your wheel frames and your cover won’t get blown away. For extra precaution you could also use the complementary bungee cord supplied with the product.

Environmental Protection


Keep your car’s paintwork clean from air pollution, smog, dust, leaves, tree sap and bird droppings. Sure, the cover will get dirty so you’ll still have to clean it. But all the sap, bird poop that has dried on the cover can easily be wiped away in a few seconds with no residue left behind due to a special coating applied to it. It’s not the same if it dries on the paintwork, causing stains and etches, which is a lot harder to wipe clean.

Unique & Stylish

Our covers have an elegantly branded design which when people see it will instantly recognize that it is AirShroud. Also our product is a patented invention, so others cannot imitate it without facing dire consequences. We mean it!

Semi-Tailored Fit


The front and rear hems of the cover is elasticated so it will snuggly fit onto your car. Also, the cover is tailored to a particular shape of a vehicle in order for it to look as ‘tailored’ as possible so that the vehicle can show off its curves! That is why our Saloon/Coupé (A1-A6) range should only be used on Saloon/ Coupé vehicles if you want a tailored look.

Amazing Luxurious Feel


We were inspired by the properties of silk. It is incredibly lightweight yet incredibly strong and it’s so comfortable to touch. Not to mention silk has been (and still is) widely renowned as a luxury product, something we feel befitting to ‘clothe’ vehicles, which are akin to modern-day stallions. Of course, we don’t actually expect to use real silk, but we need something similar that makes people wonder if it’s real silk yet provide all the properties that people expect from a high valued heavy-duty outdoor car cover.

That’s how we finally picked our silk substitute – a specially formulated polyester pongee made exclusively for Low & Co and woven at 310T (a very high thread count per square inch). It feels just like real luxurious silk – light, soft, smooth and amazingly strong. So you won’t need to be afraid of your car ever being scratched by the cover… if your car was alive, it wouldn’t want to take it off!

Snow & Frost Protection


AirShroud protects your car from snow and frost, keeping it in tip top condition whatever the harsh winter weather will throw at it.

Abrasion Protection


Stop scratches made by grit & dirt, and also accidental scratches made by other people.

Easy Mess-Free Uncovering & Compact Storage


I confess that you will probably need to do a bit of ‘handling’ on untucking all the elasticated hems and pulling the cover over the side-mirrors so that the cover is free and not obstructed by the car, but that’s the only handling you would need to do.

Once the cover is free, all you need to do is press a button and with a little guidance from yourself, the cover winds back into the AirShroud device, compactly stored where it belongs. Say goodbye to huge pile of mess!

Easy Maintenance


Cleaning the AirShroud cover is so easy that you rarely have to do it at all. Because of the car cover’s special properties, if it ever rains hard (which happens quite frequently in the UK and even that is an understatement), almost all environmental pollution on the cover will wash away.


Let’s face it, who wants to be seen pulling something that resembles an oversized rag over their car? It’s totally uncool, not to mention clumsy to use. Imagine yourself awkwardly dragging the fabric over your car, then if the wind blew strongly, you’ll have to do it all over again. Then when you have to uncover, mother nature’s mess transfers from the car cover onto your clothes! Not to mention the difficulties in forcing a large dirty and damp car cover into a small bag. No wonder nobody uses a car cover.

The AirShroud E-Car Cover is an innovative and unique car cover designed to solve all these problems. Our vehicle covers make covering your car so quick and easy that you won’t believe it until you see it! Watch this video to see it in action.


We take extra care in educating our customers to use their AirShroud E-car cover correctly and safely. The detailed user manual and video tutorials will show you exactly what to do at each and every stage. Also, our FAQ are frequently updated to address any new questions that we may have overlooked.

We aim to respond to messages on Facebook, Twitter and email within 4 working hours, giving you peace of mind.

Buy the AirShroud E-Car Cover today. Your car deserves it.

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