You can download our latest updated User Manual (version 3.0) for a more comprehensive step by step guidance on how to use AirShroud, and also other information such as important safety instructions, cleaning & maintenance & product specification. This way, you will know exactly what you are buying and also how to use it in the way it was intended.



How to uncover if the car cover is wet?

Just uncover the car as normal. The car cover fabric doesn’t soak in water, so  even if it’s wet, it won’t affect the performance of the retraction of the cover back into the device. The fabric is also specially formulated with a coating so that water doesn’t ‘stick’ to it. As a result, even if there’s some water trapped between the surface of the car and the cover, the cover will just smoothly glide over the surface back into the device.

Should I clean the bird poop, sap and other nuisances that appear on the cover before retracting it?

For bird poop, it’s advisable that you clean it up before retracting the cover into the case for hygiene reasons. This can be simply be done with a damp kitchen towel and some water with a little bit of antibacterial soap. It is recommended that you wear protective clothing and handle with care when cleaning bird poop, as it may contain many diseases that can be harmful if the guano comes into contact with the skin or eyes, or if particles are inhaled. Please wash your hands afterwards for safety. For other smaller environmental nuisances such as sap, you can afford to be lazy about it because it would wash away in heavy rain. Or if it’s really sticky, just wipe it away after it rains.

How to uncover if there's a layer of snow on top?

Just brush away the snow before uncovering your car.

There's a smell coming from the device, what's the reason?

The main reason is because bacteria had been breeding inside the device, so that’s why it has such an odour. Properly clean the cover and device after prolonged use and that should solve the problem. The instructions on ‘How to clean AirShroud’ can be found in our User Manual (the device and outer side of the cover) and also in our video tutorial (inner side of the car cover).

Can I use AirShroud E-car cover to cover my car indoors?

Yes, AirShroud can be used to cover your cars indoors. However, if the room that the car is stored in is quite damp, then we advise against it. That’s because our car cover, unlike other covers, does not have an inner lining (which is normally made out of a moisture-absorbing material such as fleece) in order to keep it light.

Our cover is totally reliant on its breathability and the speed of which the moisture between the surface of the car and the cover evaporates out is dependent on the moisture level in the external air. The greater the difference in moisture level, the faster it will evaporate. So if the room is quite damp already, then the rate of condensation of moisture on the surface of the car will be greater than the rate of evaporation of moisture. As a result, there will be a persistent thin layer of condensation on the car.

That’s why it’s important to check the moisture level of the room that the car is stored beforehand. If it is damp, we advise that you use a traditional indoor car cover that has a fleece or cotton inner lining.

Is the car cover indestructible?

Unfortunately, the car cover is not indestructible. Although it won’t break if you drag your car keys over it or if you try to pull it apart, like any other soft and thin fabrics, if you use a sharp object like a knife to pierce through the cover, then it will rip easily. This is something we hope that customers could accept.  Also, for your information, the car cover is not bulletproof.

Will my AirShroud have a smell when I first open it?

Like anything new, your AirShroud may have a smell. But please be assured that it is normal, perfectly safe and the smell will fade away within days of using/airing.

Will using AirShroud E-Car Cover and the cover interfere with the boot lock mechanism?

When you hang the device to the side of the bumper and close it, the strap won’t be anywhere near the horizontally centre/ middle of the boot since a strap has to be on the far right and the other on the far left in order for the device to hang balanced on the bumper. Also when you release the cover fully out of the device as intended, the cover is divided into two long strips instead of one long piece. So it won’t get caught in the latch that would interfere with the boot lock mechanism.

How long is battery life?

You can expect to cover and uncover approximately 25 – 30 times out of a single charge (from 100% to 0% battery power) under normal conditions. This may vary depending on the frequency and how long it’s been used as the battery will naturally discharge and also has its own lifespan. So you should expect to recharge the battery at least 1 – 2 times per month for normal household use.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

It takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes (from 0% to 100% battery

I am having a problem of opening the trunk lid to put the device in after covering the front section of the car. What should I do?

If there is a problem opening the trunk lid after you have covered the front section of the car, then it means that there is still a lot of fabric left unreleased inside the device. All you have to do is release more of the fabric out of the device and that should solve the problem.

I live in a location where temperatures are frequently freezing. Will there be any problems operating AirShroud?

AirShroud E-Car Cover can be operated within -10 to 55 degrees Celsius and it can be stored indoors at a location where the temperature is within -10 to 55 degrees Celsius (temperature below 0 and above 45 degrees Celsius for less than 4 weeks). To charge AirShroud, the temperature of the room where it’s charging in must be between 0 to 45 degrees Celsius. So if you live in a location where the temperature is frequently outside this threshold, then our product is not right for you.

Will the cover scratch my car?

The fabric is made from a specially formulated polyester pongee woven at 310T. The high thread count per square inch compared with other car covers (that generally stop at 140T) mean that we are more than twice their durability, smoothness and softness. It’s designed to imitate silk after all. Additionally, when you uncover and the cover gets retracted back into the device, you will be holding the handle rod in the air, so there will be minimal to no pressure that the cover will exert onto the surface of the car. So even if there’s a few tiny sand or grit between the cover and the surface of the car, it shouldn’t be enough to cause any scratches, as the grit isn’t pressed against the surface of the car. However, we advise car owners use their own rational judgement to determine if the condition of the car is fit to be covered. If the car looks obviously dirty, then we advise against covering the car unless it gets cleaned. If the car looks relatively clean, and there’s not a lot of sand or grit, then it should still be fine to cover.

Should I cover my car with AirShroud E-Car Cover if it's raining?

If it’s raining lightly and your car is relatively dry, then you can still proceed to cover your car as the moisture is able to evaporate out once the weather is dry again.

However, we do advise against using our cover if the car is obviously wet. We also advise against covering your car if it’s raining heavily at the time just to avoid the bad experience, and also continuous heavy rain could still penetrate through the cover if it exceeds the Hydrostatic Head limit of the fabric.

How to uncover if the car cover is frozen to the paintwork?

If this happens, just pour some hot (not boiling) water on top of the car cover so that the heat would melt the ice/frost between the cover and the surface of the car that’s responsible for sticking the cover. Afterwards, just shake the cover to loosen it and then proceed to uncover the car as normal.

How to uncover if there's a layer of ice or frost on top?

Because of the special hydrophobic properties of the cover, water doesn’t stick to the cover and will only form beads of water, which will run off the cover from the effects of gravity.  If these beads of water do freeze on the cover, you can uncover the car as normal because it has negligible effects on the cover. Likewise with frost.

I was uncovering my car whilst it was raining. As a result, there has been some water contained inside the device. What should I do?

At the bottom of the device, there is a rubber plug. If there’s water gone inside the device, you can just remove the rubber plug and allow the water inside to drain out. We also suggest that you do not close the sliding lid to allow water to evaporate.

The rubber plug is there so that any water inside will not spill and cause the inside of the boot to become wet. If you wish to drain the water, drain it outside your car and whilst the weather is dry/ not raining. To dry up the cover, all you have to do is cover your car like you normally do under dry weather, and the car cover should dry in no time.

Will mould grow on the cover and inside the case if it's left damp?

Mould requires oxygen to grow, so mould wouldn’t grow inside the damp cover when it’s retracted and rolled up tightly, due to the lack of oxygen. Any excess water would just sit as small droplets on top of the cover and settle at the bottom of the device. Mould cannot grow on small droplets, so the only place that it can possibly grow will be at the bottom of the device. If you drained the water out properly, there may still be a thin film of water left inside the device. But when you use the AirShroud E-Car to cover the car again, when the cover is released out of the device so the inside of the case is exposed, the water would evaporate inside the boot. Or you can just use a piece of cloth to wipe it dry. So it’s not a problem.

Is it ok to use AirShroud to cover my car for over 30 days?

Yes, AirShroud is designed to cover and protect your car for as long as you need to. However, we advise that you make sure that your car is completely dry and clean before covering. We recommend you to read page 27 in our user manual for a more detailed explanation.

Is recharging the battery simple and easy?

Yes, it is. For a more detailed explanation on how to do so, please read page 3 in our user manual.

This device looks quite risky. Would my hand get crushed inside if I accidentally slipped my hands in?

Not at all. When we designed the product to look the way it is now, we knew some customers may worry. That is why we have provided a video above under the heading ‘AirShroud is safe to use’ to show viewers that it is safe if you slipped your hands in accidentally. The metal roll inside is actually quite slim, and the car cover fabric surrounding it is silky soft and smooth to the touch. So you won’t get hurt if you accidentally slipped your hand in.

Besides, the electric motor that turns the metal roll is only triggered if you press firmly on the ‘uncover’ button on the remote control. So, if you release the button immediately, the motor will come to a halt.

Also, to further ease your worry, AirShroud has passed all applicable European Community Directives for product safety in European standards. You can read our Declaration of Conformity on pages 31 in our user manual.

My car cover is damaged, how can I replace it?

If you want to buy extra car covers, please contact us at Prices (inc VAT) are:

A1: £99.00, A2: £109.00, A3: £119.00, A4: £129.00, A5: £139.00, A6: £149.00.

If you want to replace your car cover because it was damaged and the reason for the damage is not covered under our One-Year warranty, then please contact us at with your order ID and details, where we will inform you of the replacement procedure. We will ask the customer to return the car cover to us at their own expense, and upon receipt of the damaged cover would we despatch the new cover out. For existing customers under this circumstance, we can sell a new cover at a 30% discount (inc VAT) with free shipping:

A1: £69.30, A2: £76.30, A3: £.83.30, A4: £90.30, A5: £97.30, A6: £104.30.

Please inform us beforehand, as our address for accepting returns is different to our office address. Otherwise, we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred from sending the damaged cover to an address other than the one we give you via email.

Can I cover my car on public roads?

No, it is illegal to cover your car (if the license plate was hidden) on public roads. You can only cover your car in private property and premises.

The cover is quite wrinkly when new, will it smooth out?

The cover may be wrinkly because it had been rolled up inside the device and transported inside a container at high temperatures for such a long time during the importation of the good to the UK. You can let it smooth out slowly naturally as it covers your car and goes through different weather conditions.

Or you can use a garment steamer to remove the wrinkles. When using your garment steamer, we advise that you disassemble the car cover from the device, and hang it up at a suitable location in a safe environment before proceeding to steam it. Afterwards, reattach the cover back to the device. The instructions on how to remove the cover can be found by watching our video tutorial: How to replace AirShroud cover.

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