We are a fresh British company aiming to take over the world with our original invention and brand AirShroud® – something we hope that most of the car users out there will enjoy using and show off to their friends and family.

Based in the UK, the aggregate experience of all our team members are so diverse that we are able to handle anything. Our outdoor e-car covers are mainly sold online on our website and on Amazon. We are starting small, dreaming big!


The expertise that goes into the production of the AirShroud® outdoor car cover is unquestionably professional.

Suppliers of the different components that make up our product have been tirelessly working in their respective industries for over 10 years, certified with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and CHSAS 18001. Plus, they have met a range of quality, safety, environmental and social standards. Hence, they have ticked all the right boxes for us, and we hope that we deliver a product that ticks all the right boxes for you too.


When we first had this new idea, we had no expectations of how the market was going to respond and how far we could go. The AirShroud® outdoor car cover was completely new, and the closest alternative was a traditional car cover. In our mind, comparing AirShroud with a traditional car cover was like comparing a washing machine to a washboard. They achieve the same results, but one was more time-efficient and performed significantly better. I can imagine that there will be some people who don’t mind the hassle of washing their clothes by hand with a washboard. But I also know that there will be others who don’t mind paying just a bit more and save the hassle by using a washing machine instead.

This thinking however didn’t calm our nerves one bit.

“Look out the window, do you see anyone who covers their car? No, right? What makes you think that your idea can sell?”


It is true that very few people use car covers when you look around on the street, but there exists two possible reasons for this. The first reason, is that it is true that no one is bothered about protecting their car. The second reason, is that people do want to protect their car, but the solutions available out there in the marketplace isn’t practical enough to attract their attention and willingness to spend.

We believe that the second reason is well-grounded. People spend quite a bit of money on their car purchase. So it doesn’t seem to make sense for them to leave their car sitting out in the open afterwards and let it get abused by nature and become target practice by passing pigeons (which I’m sure many car users dread).

Many working families commute to their workplace instead of driving, so their car is left unused for 5 days a week. Then when they do need to use it over the weekend, it’s probably defiled to the point that it requires a car wash, otherwise you might be embarrassed to drive it around. But when you do get your car cleaned at your local car wash, there’s probably a long queue and you would have to waste more of your precious free-time waiting.

Wouldn’t this sequence of events be easily resolved if the car was well protected in the first place?

We did our research. There are many existing car care products currently available: tar, tree sap & fallout removers, wheel cleaners, wheel brushes, pre-wash bug and grime removers, cleaners, polishers and waxes. They work, but they require a lot of personal time out of the user. Unless they enjoy it, I would imagine that they probably prefer to spend that time with their friends and family, sitting back and relaxing on their sofas watching their favourite movies or play with the dog.

There is the carport shelter or portable garage. It works too, but the customer would need some extra property space to install it. Not to mention it looks visually unattractive and unappealing. Well that’s just my opinion. Everyone has their own preferences.

Then there’s the traditional car cover. It works, but putting it on your car looks quite tedious and a lot of effort. Not to mention you have to be prepared to get your clothes dirty when you remove the cover, especially after a rainy day. It’s also quite clumsy to store. That’s why most people only use it to store cars intended to be unused for a very long time.

Armed with this information and an inner drive to test our ideas out, we took the risk and spent our time and whatever’s left that we had in providing a solution to all car lovers out there who are a bit tight on time.

Long story short: Years passed, things happened, the AirShroud outdoor car cover was born and we believe that this is the solution that many car users out there are looking for.

Our story hasn’t finished yet, because the next part of the adventure had just begun. We are just a small start-up business trying to achieve our dreams a little step at a time and we hope to receive your support along this journey. You can start by giving us a ‘Like’ on Facebook or by following us on Twitter. We would be grateful for your support!


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